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JETS MEMPHIS to Make its Debut
Aug 21, 2013 - TEAM.Aero is excited to announce the start of a new local Jet & Engine Trading Society called JETS MEMPHIS. The main mission for this new society is to organize local “Meet & Greet” networking events on a regular basis for Greater Memphis based aviation professionals active in the Global Commercial Jet & Engine Trade.

Due to a desire for commercial aircraft trading community networking events in the Greater Memphis area, a core group of professionals came together and discussed the possibilities for how to make this happen.

With a TEAM.Aero initiative as a base, JETS MEMPHIS was born to create a venue to strengthen the local aviation companies who want to expand their business and networking opportunities.

On September 5, 2013 a Meet and Greet luncheon will kick off planned quarterly luncheons. An evening reception is planned for the Spring of 2014. 

JETS MEMPHIS hosts include -

Kerry Sterk - TEAM.Aero                                              

Jim Selberg - Alpha Aviation Partners                               

Jennifer Schaffer - Mallory Alexander Intl Logistics         

Beth Rush - FedEx Express 

Professionals in the Global Commercial Jet & Engine Trade interested in learning more about this event Please Click Here

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