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PEMCO 737 Cargo Conversions
PEMCO 737 Cargo Conversions
Oct 22, 2012 - About PEMCO - With more than 300 cargo conversions—including 100 Boeing 737-300 and 737-400PEMCO is the world’s leading provider of narrow body aircraft cargo conversions.

Over the past four decades, PEMCO has brought 26 different cargo platforms to market. With five decades of tested andproven aircraft support, PEMCO is also an industry leader in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for wide and narrow body aircraft from around the world.

According to published information from PEMCO:

The PEMCO conversion is the world’s only 737 cargo conversion designed, built and supported with genuine Boeing data obtained under a full license agreement to out-perform and out-last the competition.  

The PEMCO conversion is the world’s only 737 cargo program to be chosen by Boeing for its own airplanes (Boeing Capital).

They have earned world-wide market and regulatory acceptance with 45+ operators, 25+ countries and 200 + agencies.

PEMCO has converted a market leading 95+ 737 300/400 freighters.

They offer a selection of four 737-300 & 400 variants to to serve all needs (F, QC, Combi).

PEMCO is the most experienced narrow body conversion company in the world with more than 45 years of experience and 300 conversions across 26 models. (More than any other conversion provider except Boeing).

Their conversions provide the highest independently-certified retained asset values, leading to end-of-service equity gains.

737-300 and 400 freighters have the lowest unit and trip COCs of any narrow body freighter between 25,000 and 50,000 pounds per trip.

PEMCO conversions provide the maximum structural payload (up to 48,000 pounds) and total useable volume (up to 5,973 cubic feet)

They maintain sites in North America and Asia (HAECO Group).

The optimized CG of our 11-poition 737-400 freighter yields the highest possible usable payload and retains maximum fuel efficiency for unbeatable range and operating economics.

Operators maintain the lowest cost of ownership due to robustness of design, quality of craftsmanship and strength of warranty and tech support.

PEMCO is approaching 2 million hours on 95+ 737-300/400. AD Free for more than a decade. 

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Source: PEMCO

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