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Millington Regional Jetport (NQA) - Ready for International Growth and Opportunities
Roy Remington and Millington Regional Jetport
Roy Remington and Millington Regional Jetport
Oct 01, 2014 - During a recent JETS Memphis luncheon, TEAM.Aero met Roy Remington, Executive Director for the Millington Regional Jetport (NQA) in Millington, Tennessee. After talking with Mr. Remington, we wanted to learn more about NQA and their plans to bring in new local, domestic and international aviation customers. 

Just 12 miles north of Memphis, Millington Regional Jetport (NQA) is poised for resurgence, due in large part to a community that believes in it and Mr. Remington, whose heart and soul is dedicated to bringing this Jetport into International renown. TEAM.Aero visited the airport and was given a personal tour and insight by Mr. Remington to the daily activities and aspirations of an airport rich in history, resources and potential. 

Currently NQA is the alternate and backup airport for FedEx’s air fleet operation. International inbound FedEx flights with heavily loaded 777Fs from Asia can save thousands of gallons of reserve fuel due to this alternate destination. The airport offers Tower Control that is open 22 hours a day, an 8,000 foot runway big enough to land a 747, equipped with ILS, and the third largest in the State of Tennessee. It also offers Passenger and Air Cargo handling, Transit Parking, Fueling, Aircraft Maintenance offered by Tulsair, Inc., 85,000 Square feet of hangar space (with a waiting list) and car rental on site. The airport owns the fire station equipped with four fire trucks providing 24-hour Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting service (ARFF).

The airport is certified for FAA Part 139 Index A but meets the ARFF requirements for Index E. The ARFF department is staffed with seven City of Millington firefighters, who man the station 24 hours a day, with two on duty per shift. ARFF personnel do not respond off-airport, and are there to provide immediate response to aircraft and airport emergencies.

Other activities of the airport this year include the Memphis Airshow slated for October 18th & 19th , 2014 featuring the legendary Navy Blue Angels. For a complete lineup of Performers, please Click Here


Military aviation first came to Memphis during WWI when the US Army leased 904 acres (366 ha) from the Memphis Chamber of Commerce. The Army established Park Field for flight training. The US Government purchased the property in 1920. Two years later, the Army closed the base.

For the next twenty years, the government used the property for various purposes and for a time leased the airfield to a flying service. After the start of WWII, the Navy took over the property and bought an additional 1,279 acres (518 ha) for an air station and a technical training school. The Navy utilized the air station the entire war for primary training with an ultimate total of 350 N2S Stearmans. A total of 16 outlying fields were established for flight training, some of which were hard surfaced and are still in evidence today.

During the postwar period of the mid-1940s through the mid-1990s, NAS Memphis hosted numerous locally-based Naval Air Reserve and Marine Air Reserve flying squadrons, as well as a major naval air technical training center (NATTC Millington) that provided the bulk of enlisted aviation specialty training for the US Navy and Marine Corps. Naval flight training returned to Memphis during the 1950s when single engine jet training was conducted with the Navy version of the Lockheed T-33 by Advanced Training Units (ATU) 105 and 205.(1)

As a result of a 1993 Base Realignment and Closure Commission report, the airport and almost 2,000 acres of adjacent land was transferred to the City of Millington.  About 550 acres is used for airport purposes with the balance set aside for industrial development. The Millington Regional Jetport, formerly known as the Millington Municipal Airport, is currently operated as a public airport serving primarily private and military aircraft.


Millington Regional Jetport does not have regular passenger airline service at this time but as it takes less then 30 minutes to reach Downtown Memphis, serious discussions with a couple of airlines are underway to make that happen in the near future. The airport is also in discussion with aircraft manufacturers and maintenance providers to set up new facilities.

Currently the development for NQA is with Crew Training International Professional Flight Training (CTI). Plans of expanding their international flight training school, includes plans to renovate existing buildings as well as add new buildings to create a new Crew Training International (CTI) facility on the airport grounds. CTI wants to create an environment to entice more students earning their Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from around the world that will offer housing, dining and training, all in one place. At this time, CTI operates out of existing office space at the airport but is projected to have its own complex in place by the beginning of 2015. 

The new training facilities will include an open bay hangar, control tower, locker rooms for men and women, classrooms, and due to the courses being 3-5 weeks long, onsite campus style housing as well as food services and a restaurant. So the flight students can literally eat, sleep, learn and live airplanes non-stop while in training with CTI. 

From left to right - Dave Kaiser - VP Flight Training, Jason Dupree - MAA Treasurer, Matt Black - VP Business Development, Larry Dagen – Alderman, Sarah Bryan - Compliance Manager, James Ashcraft - MAA Commissioner, Andy Stafford - Flight Instructor, Connor Mullen - Facilities Support, Charles Gulotta - President, Millington IDB, Kyle Mullen - QA Manager, Kneeling - Al Mullen - President CTI, Roy Remington - Executive Director NQA 

About Roy Remington, C.M. – Millington Regional Airport

Mr. Remington has served as the Executive Director of the Millington Regional Jetport since 2013. His understanding of airport development and management is built upon experience as an Airline Employee, FAA Analyst, and Senior Planner for projects at over 20 airports. Mr. Remington has served as Lead Analyst for the National Instrument Flight Procedure Project where he and his team were awarded the FAA Letter of Commendation for project excellence. His unique blend of expertise compliments initiatives that involve a focus on passenger and cargo commercial service, airside operations, airspace analysis, master planning, and technical justification documents that have resulted in award of over $32 million dollars for his airports.

TEAM.Aero Community Members can view Roy Remington’s profile by clicking here

About CTI Professional Flight Training 

CTI is an FAA Part 141-approved training center located at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) in South Florida, USA. They also have a Part 61 training operation near Memphis, Tennessee at the Millington Regional Jetport (NQA). They train pilots for a wide range of FAA certificates and ratings, from the Private Pilot all the way through the Multi-Engine Instructor. Additionally, as ICAO conversion specialists, they have years of experience assisting foreign pilots with their FAA licensing.

Please click here to learn more about CTI 

About JETS Memphis

The main mission of JETS Memphis, Jet & Engine Trading Society, is to organize local “Meet & Greet” networking events on a regular basis for aviation professionals active in the Global Commercial Jet & Engine Trade and conduct business in the Greater Memphis area. 

Due to a desire for commercial aircraft trading community-networking events in the Greater Memphis area, a core group of professionals came together and discussed the possibilities to make this happen.

With a TEAM.Aero initiative as a base, JETS MEMPHIS was born to create a venue to strengthen the local aviation companies who want to expand their business and networking opportunities.

One year after inception, four luncheons and one Evening Reception later, JETS Memphis is now attracting attention and attendance from companies across the country.

Please click here to learn more

Source: Millington Regional Jetport, CTI

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Article by TEAM.Aero (Marco Sterk)

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