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WestJet Goodwill Blitzes Marketing with Christmas Special
WestJet Miracle
WestJet Miracle
Dec 18, 2013 - When WestJet brainstormed how to promote  their brand of marketing which is guest relations, they decided to come up with a series of events showing playful moments with their passengers and video them to preserve those special moments in time. Those videos featured April Fools promotions, a Furry Family Flight, a Christmas flashmob in December of 2012 and most recently the wildly popular video titled WestJet Miracle: real-time giving. The flashmob 2012 video drew 1/2 million views when the 2013 WestJet Miracle came out. A week and a half after the video hit YouTube, the 2012 video had another 1/2 a million views and the Miracle video has hit 30.3 million views and counting.

After 18 years, Westjet is flying to 88 cities in 18 countries and they wanted to come up with an idea that would show passengers their appreciation and Robert Palmer, Manager of Public Relations, said "I wish I could say I came up with this idea, but it was the product of a brainstorming effort in the summer of 2013 by his team that came together and worked up what they would do for the 2013 Holiday Season". 

150 WestJet employees participated in The WestJet Miracle event so that 250 guests arriving at Calgary on two different flights would be able to talk with Santa when they checked in and have a wonderful surprise waiting for them when they all landed in Calgary. 350 personalized gifts were wrapped and came off the belt ahead of their luggage. 

So congratulations to WestJet for coming up with an idea that was meant to give a little back to their passengers and ended up getting a lot more back in return...Bravo!

Enjoy the video:

Source: WestJet 

Written by TEAM.Aero

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