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Orix Continues Fleet Expansion and Activity
Continuing the Aircraft Type and Model
Continuing the Aircraft Type and Model
Jul 26, 2013 - ORIX Aviation has continued its fleet expansion through the second quarter of 2013 with the recent purchase of three 2013 vintage A320-200 aircraft with MSNs 5542, 5592 and 5702 and their delivery to easyJet.

ORIX Aviation is pleased to continue to grow our relationship with easyJet. ORIX Aviation is also pleased to announce the addition of two A320-200 aircraft to its fleet. The two 2012 vintage aircraft with MSNs 5047 and 5048 were acquired in April and are on lease with China Eastern Airlines. ORIX Aviation has also entered into new leases with Air Company Tatarstan with the lease of a 1998 vintage 737-400 and Sun Express with the lease of a 1997 vintage 737-800.

ORIX Aviation has had a similarly active campaign in the sales market for the second quarter, with the sale of one A320-200 in May 2013. The aircraft was a 2003 vintage aircraft and was sold with lease attached.

In addition to the above sale, ORIX Aviation has completed the sale of four B737 Classics, compromising of one -500 series and three -300 series aircraft.

About ORIX Aviation

ORIX Aviation is an aircraft owner, lessor, asset manager and arranger with a diversified portfolio of over 170 commercial jet aircraft. ORIX Aviation is a unique Standard and Poor’s ranked aviation asset manager and service provider.

Source: Orix

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