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Monthly Special Aircraft Report - Bombardier CS300 May 2017
Bombardier CS300
Bombardier CS300
May 05, 2017 -

The Current Market


With 245 orders amongst 10 operators, the CS300 should become a successful aircraft over the long term. Unfortunately for the type, delays, low fuel prices, and aggressive campaigns from competing OEMs have made it difficult for the aircraft to spread its wings and gain traction. This clean sheet design is well suited to replace aging 100-150 seat aircraft such as the 737-300, 737-700, Airbus A319, Fokker 100, and MD80s. However, the current low fuel price environment has made it tough for operators to justify taking the risk of introducing a new aircraft type when they can extend leases or purchase used aircraft at much lower costs. 

The entry into service of the CS100 and now the CS300 will undoubtedly help the program, especially if the aircraft continues to meet and/or exceed performance expectations. Should oil continue its upward trend, this will also help this aircraft along with any other new generation aircraft, as this will help to justify the increased capital costs to acquire the aircraft. Overall, I feel this program has great potential for success but the verdict is still out. This perception will remain unchanged until more aircraft enter service and operators along with investors see, in real time, what the aircraft is truly capable of. 

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