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Boeing Data Analytics to Manage flydubai 737 MAX Fleet
Boeing Data Analytics to Manage flydubai 737 MAX Fleet
Boeing Data Analytics to Manage flydubai 737 MAX Fleet
Feb 24, 2017 - Boeing today announced an agreement with flydubai to add Software Distribution Tools to the list of Boeing services the airline utilizes to enhance maintenance and engineering operations, safety and efficiency across the airline’s growing 737 fleet.

The agreement, which extends to flydubai’s 737 MAXs, builds on flydubai’s current implementation of Boeing’s Airplane Health Management on the airline’s Next-Generation 737s and 737 MAXs. Both are data analytics-driven Boeing solutions.

Boeing’s Airplane Health Management and other software tools allow flydubai to proactively initiate planning for necessary repairs, strengthening the efficiency of our 737 fleet operations,” said Mick Hills, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Maintenance at flydubai. “By reducing the maintenance and ground time for our fleet, these solutions ultimately help to benefit on-time arrivals and departures for our customers.”

Boeing Software Distribution Tools included in the new agreement include the Loadable Software Airplane Parts Librarian and software management solutions that provide cost savings by enhancing the efficiency of flydubai maintenance operations.  

“We are pleased to add flydubai to our roster of customers supported by our data analytics-driven products through which we are able to provide real-time data, enhancing and accelerating the airline’s success as it continues to expand its 737 fleet,” said David Longridge, vice president of sales and marketing, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services.

Boeing’s Airplane Health Management is currently used by more than 90 airline fleets worldwide to collect and evaluate airplane operations data while the airplane is in flight. Designed to interface with existing airplane systems and communication infrastructure, the system captures real-time data and notifies ground crews of any potential maintenance issues before the airplane lands.

This minimizes schedule disruptions and maintenance delays, resulting in significant efficiencies and cost savings for airlines. The predictive analytics tools of AHM provide insights to the performance of the system to airline maintenance and engineering staff. These insights enhance safety, enable ground crews to address technical issues during scheduled maintenance, avoid costly disruptions and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Source: Boeing
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