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Airbus and Germany

May 21, 2014 With nearly 30,000 people working directly for Airbus and its owned subsidiaries in Germany – including some 4,000 specifically involved in the A350 XWB’s development – the country is continuing key contributions that trace their roots to Airbus’ cornerstone A300 jetliner, according to President ... Read more

AirAsia AMIS Participant

May 05, 2014 AirAsia has signed an agreement to implement the Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) service for its A320 and A330 fleets at bases in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The AMI service, which underlines Airbus’ strategy in offering customized services based on latest industry standards, ensures the automatic ... Read more


Apr 09, 2014 The Current Market The current market demand for the Bombardier CRJ-900ER has remained somewhat stable with values and lease rates declining by 5% to 10%, depending on the vintage, over the ... Read more

Mar 13, 2014 The Current Market In the last 12 months, CV has seen values and lease rates drop for the type by 25-30%. The demand for the Boeing 747 and for large freighters has been very weak over the ... Read more

Feb 17, 2014 The Current Market The 737-800 market availability continues to be limited due to the strong demand for the aircraft in recent years. 4th quarter 2008 saw a change to this trend with the financial crisis ... Read more

A350 XWB

Jan 10, 2014 The A350 XWB development aircraft, MSN3, is in Bolivia where it will perform a series of tests at the high altitude airfields of Cochabamba and La Paz. Cochabamba is around 8,300 feet above sea level, and La Paz is one of the world’s highest airports ... Read more

747-8 Genx-2B

Dec 18, 2013 Boeing today delivered the first 747-8 with performance-improved GEnx-2B engines as part of the airplane's Performance Improvement Package (PIP.) A Cathay Pacific Airways 747-8 Freighter was the first 747 to deliver with the PIP engines. The engine is the first of the package's three improvements to enter service.... Read more

Dec 16, 2013 The Current Market   Collateral Verifications is not aware of any 787-8 available for sale and/or lease worldwide in the secondary market. Only 7 aircraft are currently in storage but this is mainly due to the issues the aircraft has had in the past 12 months. ... Read more

777X in Wind Tunnel

Dec 09, 2013 Boeing announced today that low-speed wind tunnel tests have begun for the Boeing 777X, a major milestone in airplane development. "This is the first major development milestone for the program since we launched the program last month," said Terry Beezhold, vice president and chief project engineer of the 777X program. "Wind tunnel testing will validate our performance models and generate a vast amount of data that our engineering teams will use to design the airplane in this phase of development." Testing started on Dec. 5 at QinetiQ's test facility ... Read more


Nov 20, 2013 Boeing’s participation at the 2013 Dubai Airshow was marked by the launch of the innovative 777X – the world’s largest and most-efficient twin-engine jetliner – and the announcement of historic orders and new strategic agreements signed with key partners in the Middle East and around the world.... Read more

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