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Jan 26, 2016 Regardless of whether it’s up or down, India’s airline market tends to be one of thrills and spills. And right now, we’re seeing both—IndiGo is providing the thrills, Air India the spills. Meanwhile, Jet Airways and SpiceJet are holding their own.... Read more

Korean Air

Dec 03, 2015 The number of challenges facing Korean Air could fill an A380. Nonetheless the airline remains quite profitable. Korean Air’s prime competitor, Asiana, has not been as fortunate, and we discuss the differences. Meanwhile, Aegean Airlines is doing just fine—more than fine, ... Read more


Nov 16, 2015 Is Emirates Airline running out of room to fulfill its jumbo-sized ambitions? The Gulf carrier’s combined second- and third-quarter earnings report went over with another “meh.” Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad and—to some degree—nearby Turkish Airlines are all facing big systemic challenges. Too ... Read more


Nov 03, 2015 Well that didn’t last long. American Airlines, the biggest carrier in the world, set a new quarterly profit record, with a $1.9b net profit in the third quarter. Of course, there are some technicalities at play here, but it broke Delta’s ... Read more

Delta Airlines

Oct 28, 2015 How did Delta achieve its record-breaking quarter? We touch on some of the root causes, including Delta’s push for cheap aircraft and near-perfect operations. Also, we discuss Delta’s plan for flat or zero capacity growth in the fourth quarter. And will Delta hold on to ... Read more


Oct 13, 2015 Brought to you by Airline Weekly WEEKLY PODCAST – October 7, 2015 In airline years, Southwest is certainly old enough to be put out to pasture. Instead, the massive airline is making money like never before. Could some of its contrarian moves, ... Read more

Ethiopian Airlines

Sep 23, 2015 Brought to you by Airline Weekly WEEKLY PODCAST - September 23, 2015 Ethiopian Airlines is growing aggressively—and apparently profitably—while other African carriers are struggling. The airline’s centralized location seems to give it a big advantage over other African carriers. Meanwhile, Ethiopian doesn’... Read more

Donavia & AJW Engines

Sep 08, 2015 As part of an ongoing GTA with Russian airline, JSC Donavia, AJW Engines is to provide engine shop visit management services for CFM56-5B engines. An experienced team of professional engineers from AJW will manage all aspects of the shop visit, supported by the strong commercial acumen of ... Read more


Sep 08, 2015 Boeing and Emirates Airline today celebrated the simultaneous delivery of three 777s – two 777-300ERs and one 777 Freighter – marking the entry of the 150th 777 into Emirates' fleet. Today's delivery marks the first time in 15 years that Boeing has delivered three 777s at one ... Read more


Aug 17, 2015 India’s largest domestic airline by market share, IndiGo celebrated their 9th birthday by firming up their last year’s commitment and ordering 250 A320neo Family aircraft. This historical aircraft purchase agreement was signed on the 69th Independence Day of India on the 15th of August, 2015. ... Read more

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