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Wings of the Future 2017
Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre, Moscow, Russian Federation.
November 1 - 2, 2017.
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Eurasian aviation as well as global air transport is about to reach a new stage of the worldwide transformation. An overcoming wave of digital technology will totally change understanding of air travel on both sides of the apron. Devaluating classic model of air traffic management will be replaced by a dynamic intelligent global system. Searching for alternative fuels and new types of aircraft propulsion will give an impulse to create new generation of aircraft. Geopolitical changes, development of globalization, labor diversification and international cooperation that started at the end of the XX century will radically change business landscape in Eurasian region and the rest of the world. Wings of the Future has naturally succeeded to the Wings of Russia Forum, the most significant Eurasian air transport summit held over the last two decades. Wings of the Future will become a place where leading international experts, aviation market players and trend-setters, aerospace scientists will share their brand new and probably provocative opinions about upcoming changes in development of different sectors of civil aviation.

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