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AFCA 2012 Aircraft Finance & Commercial Aviation
The Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Spain.
April 24 - 26, 2012.
Additional info at ICBI

BRAND NEW FOCUS ON GLOBAL AVIATION A snapshot on global developments within aviation finance, embracing key growth areas such as Asia & India, Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe and The Middle East CONCENTRATED APPROACH TOWARDS FINDING ALTERNATIVE FUNDING SOURCES A varied series of talks dedicated on the latest sources of funding beyond the traditions of the European banking system BRAND NEW SPEAKERS The forum gets a well-deserved facelift with new speakers, bringing you their fresh perspective during these changing times for aviation finance SPEAKERS FROM OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY Hear business-changing ideas from expert-speakers from outside the aviation finance community HIGH-PROFILE INVESTORS’ PANEL Leading strategists in aviation investing reveal their methods for success. Swap business cards with potential new business partners

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