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330 Blaisdell Road
Orangeburg, New York 10962

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Tel: +1 (845) 359-4700
Specialties: Airline Products and Services MRO (Engines)
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Chromalloy developed the first commercially viable aluminide coatings for the protection of cobalt and nickel based alloys and stainless steels in the early 1960's. These coatings and their derivatives are still used extensively by manufacturers of gas turbine engine components. As many of the turbine components first protected with Chromalloy coatings returned from service, it became apparent their condition was such that they could be reused after suitable repair. This led to the development of strip and re-coat procedures for diffusion coatings, and to the development of advanced technology to perform metallurgical and mechanical repairs which have served as the base for Chromalloy's growth in the gas turbine engine field.

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