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TPG Credit Management
90 South Seventh Street
4600 Wells Fargo Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

Tel: +1 612 851 3000
Specialties: Financing
Company Profile:

TPG Credit Management is a global distressed credit investment organization. The firm manages private investment portfolios with a focus on opportunities in the global distressed and undervalued credit space. The company's investment and operations professionals maintain offices in Minneapolis and London.

TPG Credit has developed an investment strategy predicated on superior sourcing, fundamental value based due diligence, and a willingness to embrace complexity in an effort to capitalize on differentiated investment opportunities. The investment team has extensive experience managing investments across a spectrum of industries, product types and geographies, facilitating a diversified strategy designed to be uncorrelated to broader market movements.

TPG Credit has an alliance with TPG Capital to combine classic distressed investing skills with the unique investment insights of a leading global private investment firm. This relationship expands the depth and breadth of each organization’s knowledge base to create a truly unique investment perspective.

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