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Aircraft Information Services Inc. (AISI)
26072 Merit Circle
Suite 123
Laguna Hills, California 92653

Tel: +1 (949) 582.8888
Specialties: Appraisals
Company Profile:

AIRCRAFT INFORMATION SERVICES, INC. (AISI) traces back to when a U.S. consulting company AVTIS, was formed, which absorbed the assets and practice of another U.S. company, Aircraft Information Management, which was owned by Mr. Fred Bearden. By 1987, this consulting division had grown into a separate U.S. corporation, Airclaims Information Services, Inc. (AISI), with Mr. Bearden as President. In 1992, after a management buyout, the company was renamed Aircraft Information Services, Inc. (AISI), incorporated as a California Chapter S Corporation. AISI retained all previous U.S. consultancy assets and clients and setup headquarters in California with qualified associates worldwide. Today AISI is owned equally by Fred Bearden and his partner John McNicol. AISI has continued to grow in scope, services and clients and has established an international reputation for responsive, reliable, consistent, accurate and unbiased value opinions and technical advice.

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